Saturday, January 2, 2010

Super Busy/2010 Goals...

I have been pretty busy the last week or so. I haven't played much poker. I had a great month of December and am pretty upset I didn't get to finish it out with more volume. With the Holidays and everything, I just wasn't able to find time to play. I had a great Christmas with my family and friends and also a nice, relaxing New Years. Poker can't always be a priority.

I have not forgot about the free coaching I offered and I will definitely do that when I get back from the Bahamas. Sorry about that. I wanted to do it before I left but I just haven't had the time and I don't want to do it tonight on such short notice. I will do it when I get back and give everyone a heads up. I will probably go through a Super Turbo MTT hand history/strategy involved since most people hate them but they are really profitable.

Other than that let's see... I had lunch with my buddy Amir the other day. He's a nice guy and he owns the website PokerWit. It's a site for posting poker hands and it's pretty neat so check it out. It makes discussing hands and situations a little easier. We just had lunch, talked and caught up on everything. He was in town for a week so it was nice to meet with him.

I have also been running a bunch of errands before heading off to the Bahamas. My vision has started deteriorating in the last couple of years. I decided to get contacts today. I'm still getting used to them but it's nice to be able to see everything clearly. My vision wasn't that bad but at times it was hard to make out details that were far away. For example, when I would play basketball at the gym I couldn't really make out faces from across the court. It's different but it's not so bad. Hopefully I get used to taking them out and putting them in pretty quickly.

I'm leaving tomorrow to the Bahamas. It will actually be my first WPT/EPT/10k Buyin Event aside from the WSOP Main Event. I am pretty excited about it all. I went to the PCA two years ago but I just played a couple side events. The Bahamas is a nice place but I'm there to play poker and try to win a huge tournament. Hopefully I can keep my mistakes to a minimum and make a deep run in the Main Event. I'm sure it's going to be a tough field with a lot of good players but I am up for the challenge. I felt like I really played well when I went to Aruba so I am excited to play some more big buyin live tournaments. We will see how it goes!

I have some poker related goals for 2010. I will look back on them at the end of the year and see if I accomplished what I wanted to do. I want to...

1) Have 500k in profit between MTT/Cash/SnG/etc.
2) Final table a big live tournament (If I play enough live this will change to WIN.)
3) Win a major online tournament (Sunday Majors/FTOPS/WCOOP/etc.)
4) Continue to grow as a poker player and person.
5) Minimize mistakes on the felt.
6) Continue to control my emotions and keep a positive attitude.
7) Continue to balance poker and life.
8) Move up the rankings on pocketfives (almost in the top 100 now I believe.)
9) Frequently update the blog (at least once a week.)
10) Play more live tournaments while maintaining good volume online.
11) Stay ahead of the curve.
12) Have fun.

That's all I can think of now. There are a lot of things on that list and I would be ecstatic if I could accomplish them all. Normally I don't set goals but I think everything I said above is attainable. The end of 2009 went real well for me so I am hoping it continues over in 2010. Time will tell. My next update will be from the Bahamas in the next couple of days. Talk to you then.


OES said...

yo TWade,

I'm sure you know, but contacts can be a bitch when you first get 'em and you've had them in for a long time so if your playing for awhile they might be a distraction. good luck sir and your goals look legit!

Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

Appreciate that comment. I'm still getting used to them for sure. I just took them out for the second time (first time was at the eye doctors) and it will take a couple times to get used to it. They aren't so bad when they are in there but I'm sure it will take a little bit to get used to taking them in and out. I'll have to see how they are when I'm playing. Good luck in 2010.

Tycou said...

good luck @ PCA2010