Monday, February 1, 2010

Rush Blog...

I will try to make this update quick, but decent (notice the spin off of the newly formed rush poker!) It's 2:40am right now and I am in Orlando. I have a flight to Atlantic City in 6 hours at 8:30am. I arrive in AC around 10:40am to play in the 11am Borgata Winter Open Main Event (Day 1B.) I am pretty pooped. I just got back from Tampa as well. I was with DeepStacks University/DeepStacks Live doing a free preview workshop for people in the Tampa area.

It was a good time. We had a lot of people come through the doors who were interested in poker and wanting to improve their game. We offered a couple free, quick lessons and some people were interested enough to sign up for the camp we will be hosting in two weeks at the same location. It was fun meeting everyone and I had a great time. It was a long weekend though and I am pretty tired. I didn't get much sleep throughout the entire weekend.

Unfortunately the downside to hosting a workshop this weekend was the fact that I didn't get to participate in the Saturday/Sunday poker tournaments. Full Tilt Poker doubled all their guarantee tournaments and PokerStars doubled the Sunday Million to the Sunday Two Million. Ultimate bet was also hosting their UBOC. I came to the conclusion that today was the sickest Sunday for poker in the history of online poker. I just had to look at the Sunday Million lobby. It got almost 20k players with a first place of 550k. Wow. I won't even dare load Full Tilt Poker because I will be absolutely tilted to see the prize pools and all the crazy tournaments I missed this weekend. I am pretty sad to miss such an amazing day in online poker but I had a commitment and had to stick to it. Hopefully the sites continue to do things like this. It really shows the interest level in poker and it is an amazing thing to see that they could generate prize pools like that.

On the next note I am hoping that since I missed so much poker this weekend that I will be fresh for the Borgata Winter Open Main Event tomorrow. I am trying to just get a quick blog out so I can catch a couple hours of sleep before I have to catch this flight. I haven't played much poker in the last week. I feel really good and am super excited to play this tournament.

I will just leave it at that for now. Thanks to everyone who came through to the workshop this weekend. Also I am super jealous of everyone who was able to play poker this weekend and the whole week! I normally end my Sundays hating poker and I'm not sure today would have been any different. Haha.. the only thing I can say is I didn't play so I will never know. Sorry if this blog is really sloppy. I'm super tired, gotta sleep. I will have some good blog/Twitter updates while I'm in Atlantic City. Goodnight.