Sunday, March 21, 2010

Advanced to Sunday...

Hey guys. I played the Hard Rock $1k yesterday. There were two starting days. Friday and Saturday. If you lost on Friday you could buy back in on Saturday. Fortunately for me I didn't lose and have to play again on Saturday. I ended the day with 123k going into blind level 1k/2k. The average stack is probably right around 100k.

I played a couple really interesting pots. I was going to do a write up for this tournament but I played against a lot of good players and I don't want them to know about some of the hands I played against them.

At my first table I had Hayden "Nipsman" Fortini (who is another DeepStacks pro) and my friend Hans. They were both to my left, Hayden being to my direct left. I stayed at this starting table about halfway through the day before I was moved to a new table. I took my seat in the nine chair and recent PCA Main Event Winner Harrison "Gibler321" Gimbel was two to my left. We played a couple interesting pots. There was one really crazy hand where he thinks I might have mucked QQ. I'll talk about it.

We were playing 7 handed I believe, I opened for a raise to 3800 at 800/1600/200a. I was in 2nd position. He called two to my left and Eddie Jones called in the big blind. The flop came Ac9d9h and we checked to gibler. He bet 5400 and I called. The turn was the Qh putting two hearts I checked again and this time he bet 10.4k. I raised to 24.6k and he tanked for a while and called. He had me covered. He started with probably 180k and I had about 90k to start the hand. After the turn bet I think I had about 55k behind. The river came the As and I tanked for a while before I checked, gibler moved all in, and then I tanked and folded. I didn't tell him what I had yet but he thinks I might have folded QQ. Pretty interesting hand, and I think I'm going to wait for a while before I reveal what I had, if I ever decide to do so.

I doubled up right before play ended. One of my friends opened to a 4k raise in middle position. As soon as I looked down at my AKo in the big blind the tournament director announced 5 hands left until we were done for the night. I 3bet to 11600 and my friend thought, stacked his chips, thought some more, restacked his chips, and moved all in on me. I called. He turned over 33 and we were off to the races. The board came QT5TQ and I won the pot. I had him covered by a couple thousand chips and ended the night with 123k. Gibler is the chip leader with over 300k. I think he might have 350k. Another good player has about 250k as well.

It's going to be a tough tournament still but I like my chances. I figure there will be 30-40 players tomorrow left. The top 18-20 will probably be paid and hopefully it is a decent prize to first place (70k+) I'm hoping some things can go my way tomorrow and I can spend my whole day winning that live tournament and avoid playing online tomorrow. I will be updating my twitter account (TristanCre8ive) so check out all the updates there.

A couple days ago I went to Sonic one late night with some friends. My buddy recently came back home after playing professional basketball in another state. We were all hanging out at my house (There were five of us.. my two friends, one of their girlfriends and their girlfriends cousin -- not so confusing lol) We decided to go get a snack from Sonic and I drove us there.

Once we parked I noticed a guy trying to enter Sonic. If you don't know about Sonic it is a fast food place where you park and they deliver your food to you. You can't actually go inside but they have tables to eat outside and a bathroom near the back.

The design of sonic. One way road that goes around until you go out the exit.

It was weird seeing someone try to go inside and I became suspicious. My friend Brian told me I'm always suspecting something (KNOW YOUR ENVIRONMENT!) and I kept observing. I placed our order and we were sitting there waiting when the guy approached the car. I locked the doors and the guy approached the driver's side back window. He was mean mugging my buddy in the back. He had dropped a box of cigarettes and started going back a couple feet to get them. I thought my friend in the back was going to get out of the car so I backed the car up a little bit so I could get out. The place where you order the food was blocking my car door from opening all the way. I started backing out a little bit in case I had to open my door and the guy started coming toward my window, looking like he was going to smash my window. I backed out quickly and he was running up to the car and I peeled off as he swiped at my car.

Where we were parked originally when the guy came up to us..

I stopped at this corner inside the Sonic area and waited to see what the guy was doing. Obviously he was on something and not in the right state of mind. I saw him grab at something in his pocket as he approached the car so I wasn't sure what he had on him. He started running after the car once I stopped here.

I took off to the left and stopped by the Sonic and honked my horn while the guy was chasing the car lol. I tried to get their attention so they would call the cops but they didn't notice. My friends thought I was antagonizing the guy LOL. He was about to catch up to the car and I drove off and out the exit.

I pulled off into a parking lot right near Sonic and waited to see if the guy came lol. I tried to decide if calling the cops would be the best solution right now. I knew this guy was really messed up and obviously out of his mind. I was trying to avoid a situation where something bad happened. Like I said I wasn't sure what the guy had in his pocket or what he was capable of. You never know. We didn't want to leave our food there so we decided we would go back and be a little more careful lol. It was a scary situation but everyone else didn't seem too worried about it. I was a little more worried since I was driving and I didn't want anything to happen to the car.

We pulled back into the entrance/exit part (The exit actually is an entrance/Exit -- so they have two entrances) and the guy was hiding in the back and noticed our car. I am pretty sure he was sniffing a paint spray can or something. He saw us and I pulled up to the side so we could try to get our food.

He started running at the car with what appeared to be a paint spray can to me (some of my friends say otherwise.) I took off again and saw him cut through Sonic to block me off on the other end of the road. Luckily I had already prepared a getaway plan which was going out the one way entrance.

I went through the one way entrance and left the area and looked back and saw the guy in the middle of the road of Sonic with his can. I would of had to run him over. He seemed pretty disappointed lol. He got severely outplayed. At this point we had enough and decided to call the cops so they could handle it. He ended up getting on his bicycle and the leaving sonic. We were stopped in the main street watching and the cops picked him up on the corner. We went back and got our food. It was the end of a pretty crazy night.

That's it for now haha. Hope you guys enjoyed the story. We all made it out safely, nobody was hurt, and nothing bad happened. Hopefully the visuals helped. I'll update again in a couple days and hopefully I win the Hard Rock Tournament. Check out my Twitter for updates! Goodnight.


Jody said...

Funny story...but glad nothing serious happened. I recently started reading your blog. Thanks for posting your plays so that people like myself can learn from you. In the short time that I've been reading your blog, it has improved my game. Thanks again...and good luck in the tourneys.

Have you written a small bio in your blog as to how you came about playing poker, starting online/live poker, and how you started your bankroll? I didn't notice anything in your blog...maybe I missed it.

Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

Hey Jody.. I don't believe I have posted that anywhere. I might have posted it in a previous blog. If I can find out where I put that info I will repost it.

Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoy.