Friday, April 30, 2010

F the TOPS...

It's Thursday night and FTOPS is nearing the end. I just cashed in my third straight FTOPS event. Yesterday I made a deep run in the $500 HORSE but ended up getting 36th place. Today I finished 95th place in the $200 FTOPS Cubed and 19th in the $300 Heads Up PLO event.

Overall I've been really happy with how I've been playing. There are always some hands I misplay or do something stupid, but in general I feel like I've been playing pretty well. I especially feel like I played the HU PLO very well. In my final match I had a chance to knock out the player twice. One hand I was 44% to win vs his 35% with 21% chance to tie. That hand brought him back down 2-1 in chips I believe. I grinded him down some more and got in a 50%/50% flip which I lost to get the stacks about even. The only hand I feel like I misplayed was the last hand. I had 33% equity but I just don't think it was the best spot for me. I realized I need to play more PLO. I definitely enjoyed playing heads up PLO today although it was a tournament and not a cash game.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the FTOPS events and hopefully I can get the ball rolling again. The SCOOP is also starting this weekend which I am excited about. I was looking through the SCOOP schedule today. I'm not sure how good the HIGH buyin SCOOP tournaments will be. It really depends on the satellites and who is playing them. I doubt they will be worth playing. I probably won't play any of them unless the fields are pretty large or I satellite in. I'll have to wait and see.

About 4-5 months ago (wow I can't believe it's been that long) I talked about doing some free coaching. I haven't forgot about that. I want to give enough warning so that everyone who wants to watch/partake will have enough notice. I don't want to do it last minute and exclude a bunch of people. I promise I will pick a date before I head out to the WSOP at the end of May. It will most likely be a Friday/Saturday night. It will be best if I just wait until SCOOP is over and do it sometime after that. I haven't forgot though and I'm sorry it has taken this long. In the coaching lesson I will review some super turbo strategy and answer questions. That seems like the smart thing to do. I'm sure a lot of people might be upset about offering a free poker lesson but there is enough information out there. I don't feel like talking a little strategy about Super Turbos and answering some questions will hurt the profitability of poker at all.

Let's see how this last weekend of FTOPS goes. It hasn't been so great to me yet but there are still a couple more events. Good luck to everyone who is playing and I hope to see some of you at the final table.

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XxxMaYiToxxX said...

Duhhhhh...We all know CRe8ive is getting a Gold Jersey! Youve been Nothing but a class act...Plus, Talent like yours deserves getting one..kinda tired watching Idiots with a buy in LUCKBOX their way to a jersey, thats why they cant consistenly put up results like yours. Except for Johmmy Bax..That guy Def owns stock in Full Tilt.