Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not Much New...

There isn't much going on around here. I'm in Florida and have been playing poker here and there. I'm gearing up for the FTOPS/SCOOP/WSOP. I'm really excited and trying to get mentally and physically prepared.

Last night I went to the Drake concert in Orlando. It was held at my old stomping grounds, UCF. I miss that place and I miss the college experience. The concert was pretty good. The negative to it was that it was general admission and I wasn't trying to fight thousands of people waiting in line for good seats. I decided to just sit up at the top where I had a good view of everything and that was the right play. The opening act was a hip-hop guy from Canada named K-os. I'm sure less than 5% of the people in the building had heard of him. He performed for about 45 minutes, then we waited for what seemed like another 45 minutes, and Drake finally came out.

There's a story behind my appreciation towards Drake. I stumbled upon his music one day on myspace years ago before anyone else had heard of him. I told a couple of my friends about him and they all basically laughed at me and said he was alright but nothing special. I'm really into music (in my own way) and saw the potential in him. Well down the road he ended up making a mixtape and getting some support from Lil Wayne and others and look where he's heading now... straight to the top. If only I had a record label a couple years ago lol. Anyways, that is my quick story behind Drake and how I discovered him. Haha, I hardly discovered him but that's how I make the story out to be.

Regardless of all that, I had a good time at the concert. He didn't perform as many songs as I would have liked but he did a good job. I'm pretty excited for his first official album to come out in a couple months. I've heard a couple songs from it and I'm impressed.



Enough of the music talk. Everything else has been pretty low-key. As I said above I am ready to get back into the online poker grind and sharpen my skills for the WSOP. I went to a home cash game the other night and had a good time and a winning session. It's always fun to switch it up and play live poker. It helps when you win too. I wish there were more places to play live cash games but I hear that Florida is removing the $100 max buyin limit from their cash games. As soon as that happens you guys better watch out. Poker will boom here I guarantee it. There's another thing for me to look forward to.

I'll just keep this one short. I feel like I haven't had much to write about lately anyways. Suggestions anyone? Good luck to everyone playing all the big online tournaments coming up. I'll see you guys at the tables.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. My only comment is that you teased us several months ago with a free coaching session. I know you are super-busy, but you have not followed through on that promise. Why even promise something if you aren't going to follow-through?

Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

I still have intentions of doing this. The best days for it would be Friday/Saturday (I assume) so more people can be available. I wanted to comment on it again but don't want to drag it out like that.

I also feel like I need to give valid warning, a week plus, so that everyone can hear about it. I haven't forgotten about it and I do still plan on doing it. I guess I will address that in the next blog and then set a date so I can accomplish it. Stay tuned.

Jody said...

Your blog is a good so far. I can't really think of much more that you can do to make it more complete. Maybe more pics of you or other notable poker players at tournaments...?

I read about the free coaching session. I thought I missed the opportunity for that. I'm interested if it's still available to newcomers. I've never had a coaching session. How would that work exactly?

Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade said...

Basically the free coaching session would be me on uStream or some other video streaming website, going over a hand history of mine to a group of people whoever wanted to listen/watch. I'll keep it updated when I do it, I want to be able to give fair warning. That is basically the reason I haven't done it yet.