Monday, May 31, 2010

Long Poker Days...

I've had a couple long poker days. It's not tough to play for hours on end but playing everyday and focusing so much attention on poker can be tough. It started with the $1k WSOP event. I made it through the dinner break and busted with a couple hours left in play. I got it in for about 35bbs with AKs vs KK. The guy who had KK was pretty loose and it was definitely just a cooler spot. I actually got in another cooler pot against him before that one and doubled him up. I played my best and only feel like I misplayed one hand the whole day.

Yesterday I played online and made a couple deep runs. I managed to finish 14th in the Sunday 500. I've made it to the final two tables in this tournament now FIVE times with only one final table. That's a pretty crazy statistic. That is also how tournament poker goes. You hope that when you get deep in a big tournament you can take it down. Two guys who are in the house I'm living in for the summer also made deep runs in big tournaments. Brad chopped the 100r turbo for about 30k and Tim got 9th in the FTP 750k. He lost a 1.5m pot with like 16 left KK vs QQ after a 643 flop. That would have put him at 2.1m chips with second having 1.1m chips. He would have probably cruised to a good finish but eventually ran into aces to bust in 9th.

Today I played the $1500 WSOP event. Again, I feel like I played great. I knew where I was at in almost every pot and I was able to get a good grasp on everyone's game. I ran my stack up to 9k from 4500 starting stack, then lost a couple pots to go to 3500, got back up to 9k before dinner break and played a pretty crazy pot. There was one guy across the table from me who would limp probably 30% of hands and any suited/kind of connected hand. He limped for 300 at 150/300/25a with about a 30k stack (maybe more.) I raised with AJss on the button to 925. He called. The flop came 9s8c3d. He checked, I checked. The turn was the Ts and he bet 1100. I had 8200 behind and for a couple various reasons I decided to move all in instead of raise small/raise big or flat call. He tanked for a couple minutes and called me with 79cc for middle pair and the bottom end of the straight draw. I had 19 outs and bricked for a 20k pot. They were also breaking my table after that hand and I was sent on my way 20 minutes before dinner break.

Tomorrow I am going to play the Venetian 1k tournament. I'm hoping they have a decent field. It starts in about 10 hours and I have to get to sleep soon. A lot of my friends are doing well or have done well in the WSOP already. I'm sure it is because I know a lot of people but it is good to see some friends having early success/cashes. Tim is going into day 2 of the $1500 with a 60k stack so hopefully he can make a deep run. Check out my twitter if you want live updates. Goodnight.

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