Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Bubble...

I bubbled the $1500 NLH event the night after I lost Heads up to advance to the "final table" of the $1500 shootout. I actually lost on the last hand of the night. Let me explain how that tournament went.

I had a tough starting table with BelowAbove and SloppyKlod. I chipped up early and got moved to a different table which was full of amateur players. I stayed at this table for a couple hours and increased my stack to about 40k. I was one of the big stacks in the tournament. That table then broke and I was moved to the table I would finish Day 1 on. It was a tougher table, but still I could manage. I chipped up to about 50k at 400/800/100a. We only had to finish this level and the 500/1k/100a level and the night would be over. I opened to 2100 on the button with QTo. The small blind defended. He had been playing pretty solid but was a little loose preflop. The flop came JT6 rainbow. He led for 2700, I raised to 6900, and he moved all in for 24.2k more. I went into the tank. Some people say you should always have a plan for a hand, and I do a lot of times, but just because you have a plan doesn't mean it always works out. In this hand I raised the flop for multiple reasons and he still moved all in. I took a couple minutes to think through his range and then I told him "What else can you have here besides 89 or KQ?" It was still a big decision. 24k was a lot of chips at this stage and would hurt my stack. My instincts were screaming at me to call and I eventually made the call. He said "Good call..." and turned over 89o. I proudly turned over my QTo (also knew my Q was blockers vs 89 and QK) and now had to sweat 7 outs on the turn and river for a 70k pot. The turn was the 7h and I was now drawing dead. He won the pot and I was down to about 20k now.

I won a couple small pots and chipped back up to 35k. At about 32k Brenard Lee shoved the button for 11k and I called with KJo in the big blind. I'm not sure about my call here. We were about 15 minutes away from ending the night, I thought he would shove lighter, which is probably not the case. Anyways, I ran into the top of his range which was AA lol... I lost that pot. They announced 4 hands left in the night. The remaining entrants read 297 with 270 getting paid. On the last hand of the night I was dealt 99 with 5 people left to act behind me. I brain-farted and decided jamming my 20bb stack was a good idea. It is probably a profitable shove, but it is not the right play in this case. One guy reshoved behind me with QQ, JJ folded, and AA snap called in the small blind. I lost this hand as well and really regretted how I played it. It was awful. I then found out the next day that there were 277 remaining players going into day 2. If I knew I was 7 out of the money I would have never shoved either because I think that changes the dynamics for the table/tournament. Oh well.

After those two rough back to back nights I decided to take the next two days off. I wish I didn't take off any days. I should be a well oiled machine. I shouldn't let the results effect me. With that said, I still need to live a balanced lifestyle. Hopefully the days off will help me out for the last stretch of the WSOP. I've had a good series so far. I've had 3 cashes with a final table bubble. I've also had like 2-3 other tournament bubbles, which I'm not proud of. I'm getting to the end or putting myself in a situation to have a chance. If I can continue to do this I will eventually be in a position to win a tournament. Tomorrow is a new day with the $1k WSOP NLH event.

Also one last thing, for anyone who is going to be in Vegas July 2nd-4th Deepstacks is having a whole VIP experience/poker coaching session at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Check that out here.. if you have any questions e-mail Buff (link at bottom) Goodnight.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Word...Wow...

Wow. Wow. Wow. I played my heart out today. I eventually got heads up at the second shootout table vs a random player. I definitely had the edge in heads up play. At 2k/4k he shoved ~80k with KJhh and I called with AKo and he turned a jack to double up. I then chipped him back down, got it in A6 vs 33 and lost that as well (2326A.) I butchered one hand real bad heads up and doubled him up. No biggie. We were about even going into 3k/6k. I chipped him down to 120k to my 330k and at 5k/10k got him all in with 57cc vs ATo. The board came 75463 and although I flopped two pair it went runner runner chop. He then shoved for 80k and I called with K7hh in the big blind. He had KJss. It came K79sQs2s. I thought I won lol. I didn't see that he had hit the flush. After that hand got it in QJo vs A3 it came T87xx and I bricked that as well. He now had the lead in chips. I had 130k he had 320k. I jammed 89cc and he called with QTo. It ran out A92AT and I was eliminated from the tournament.

I am the 15th place finisher. There were 14 people who were going to play tomorrow for a bracelet and I was the last loser. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I've been real deep in a lot of big tournaments, online and live, and this was the hardest one for me to take. I absolutely played the best I could and I still wasn't able to win. It is definitely frustrating but it is also part of poker. I have to come to terms with that even if it's hard to see how I've gotten so close for so long without it happening. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. It's a sick game we play. I really would have liked my chances tomorrow, playing shorthanded to start until we reached the final table. I think that would have given me a bigger edge in the tournament. This is the closest I have come to winning a bracelet.

What can I do? Well I registered for tomorrows $1500 NLH event. That is a start. I have to go to sleep and forget about tonight. My buddy Tim0thee is really good at disconnecting himself from the results of tournaments/hands. He plays a hand or a tournament and doesn't worry about the outcome. I feel like I want it so bad that it's hard for me to be exactly like that. I still have to control myself better and realize that no tournament is over until it's over. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm learning. Tournaments don't normally bother me, especially if I play well and do everything possible... but getting so close to a bracelet and losing heads up is beyond annoying.

Today was one of the most grueling days of poker I've ever played. I'm not sure why it was like that. I guess because it was a good structured shootout and there was a lot of thinking involved on my end lol. We played short handed for a long time as well as heads up for a couple of hours. I don't know what else to say. I did my best, I still made some mistakes that there are no excuses for (one hand in general) and I'm really happy with how my game is progressing. Hopefully that big final table is coming soon and maybe a big win can come along with that as well. Sorry if this sounds like I'm complaining or whining. I am just typing what happened with my day and the tournament. That's it for now... thanks for the support everyone. I wish I made Day 3 but that is in the past. Goodnight (I'm essentially the final table bubbler if this was a real 3x shootout lol... I would have killed the final 14!!!) Okay time to sleep and shut my brain off for a couple of hours.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Third Cash in WSOP...

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've had some long days playing poker and just don't get around to getting on the Internet. My housemate JD got 2nd in the $1k I finished 116th in! He won $310k. Congrats to him first and foremost! It was fun sweating him and watching the final table. Unfortunately he didn't win but he did great and played awesome. My other housemate Tim0thee has been deep in a couple tournaments also. He cashed in the $10k HU most recently. I watched a lot of his matches and he played really good. I could tell he couldn't get anything going in his last match and wasn't making many hands. It's tough to win at heads up if you're not making hands. He eventually got it in A6hh vs 84o on a 825hh board, turned the Ad and his opponent re-sucked the river with a 4d. He would have been even in chips again and been back in the running. It was a good performance either way.

Let's see.. I played the $5k 6-max WSOP event. It didn't go so well, although I played my best. I lost two monster pots. One with AJo vs 73dd on a J243dd board all in on the turn and lost. Then at 200/400/50a I was moved to a new table with Erick Lindgren. He opened the first hand UTG and I flatted JJ in the big blind. We got it in on a 365 board and Lindgren turned over 44. The turn was an 8 and the river was the 2 giving Lindgren the straight. That pot was about 100bbs, killed my momentum, and put me at about 50bbs. I couldn't get anything going after that. At 400/800/100a a shortstack shoved UTG at a new table for 10k, I reshoved A9cc on the button for 16k and the small blind woke up with AQo and called. UTG had K8hh and the board ran out Q9xxA...and AQ won it all. It was a frustrating tournament since I got fairly deep and did all I could. I wanted to do better in that tournament.

I've played a couple other WSOP in the last week as well ($1500 NLH, $1k NLH.) Today I played the $1500 NLH shootout. My table had a couple soft spots but I had two good players to my left. Adam Junglen and Jon "Apestyles" Van Fleet. Luckily they both busted pretty early. I doubled up quickly and had a couple other nice spots/pots and was chip leader at 5 handed play. I eventually got 3 handed. I got all the money in with AKo vs A9 on an A882 board for a 23k pot to have 33k of the total 45k in play. The river came a 9 and I got 3 outted for a monster pot. I battled back and eventually made it to heads up with the player I wanted to play heads up. The guy who got knocked out in 3rd was very aggressive and might have been a tougher HU opponent. I grinded the guy down, then we got back to even, and I eventually got it all in my AAs vs his 9sTd on a T54sss flop. I held and won the match. 140 players come back and play tomorrow. If I win my table tomorrow I will be in the final 14. We will then play two 7 handed tables and the rest of the tournament will play out like a normal MTT. Wish me luck!

Everything else aside from poker has been going well. I've been working out, playing basketball, hanging out with some friends and enjoying the summer. My main focus is poker but I'm still trying to stay balanced. Everyone in the house I'm staying at is cool and we all get along with each other. It's been fun and I'm glad I decided to stay in a house with some friends this year. I'll be updating my twitter tomorrow. Goodnight.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Busted 116th out of 3300...

I had another deep run in a WSOP $1k/$1500 event. I've gotten 25th, 33rd and now 116th in huge fields at the WSOP. In 2007, 2009, and now 2010. This tournament went well for me. I was talking to my roommate and I realized that on Day 1 I only lost one showdown all day. I doubt I got to showdown more than 5-7 times throughout day one. I also didn't see aces the whole tournament. That doesn't really matter but I think it can definitely factor in at some point. I never woke up with a hand when a player was all in today. I battled hard and eventually moved all in for 34k at 1500/3000/400a in 2nd position with ATcc. The guy in 4th position tank called with 99 and I lost the race which would have put me at about 80k and in awesome shape.

I'm really happy with how I'm playing NLH tournaments. Hopefully I can run well and win the big flips when they matter/get some coolers/etc. I've still made some mistakes but luckily they have been small ones and haven't cost me my tournament. I am going to skip tomorrows $2500 PLO event. I didn't like how they did the $1500 event so I'm just not going to play it. If it was 6 handed I definitely would play. I will play again on Wednesday in the $1500 NLH WSOP event.

Tomorrow I will probably just hang out and relax by the pool, workout, and find a place to watch the Lakers vs Celtics game. I'm hoping the Lakers win. I made a small bet with a friend on the series. I typically NEVER bet sports or anything like that but a small bet doesn't hurt. With that said, GO Lakers! I think they can come back and win it with their next two games being at home and the fact that they haven't played that great lately. We will see. All is well aside from poker and everything else. Nothing is new. I'm on the hunt for a bracelet and I want to get closer than I have been. It will be nice to have a shot at it and I will do my best in the remaining tournaments. I'll keep everyone updated. Goodnight.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Into Day 2 $1k WSOP...

Going into Day 2 of the $1k WSOP. I'm good on chips sitting on about 33k which is 77/503 I believe. We have 70 more knockouts until we make the money. I will update my Twitter on breaks (My Twitter - I will update blog later after I make it through day 2. Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Couple Deep Runs...

Well I called my shot, kinda. I made a deep run in the $1500 6max event. There were around 1700 entrants and I finished in 82nd place for about $4000. I lost a huge flip for 150k pot at 600/1200 (my QhQs vs AKcc came A98sss and I bricked) and grinded back from it. I'm not happy with how I played the hand that I busted out on. In the moment I felt like I was making the right decision but looking back on it I don't like what I did. It happens. The whole tournament was a lot of fun and a good experience. My buddy, Matt Waxman, was at my Day 1 table for over 3 hours until we ended for the night. That was a lot of fun and a pretty crazy time lol. We were the loudest table in the room I'm sure.

Since I made a deep run in the 6max I missed out on the $5k NLH. That tournament would have been great. I know the field would have been tougher than a normal WSOP NLH tournament but I enjoy playing against good players. On Wednesday I played the Venetian $1600. I made a deep run and busted 10 minutes before we finished play for the night and about 30-40 out of the money. I lost a huge flip AQ vs 99 in a great spot for me, then lost 88 vs a shortstacks JJ and AQ vs JJ. I was happy with my overall play.

Yesterday I played the $1500 PLO tournament. It was a weird structure. Instead of starting us with 4500 in chips like they usually do, we started with 1500 chips and three rebuy chips for 1k each. They could be used at anytime when you weren't in a hand. I opted to take all of them at the beginning so I could start with the 4500 stack. I mixed it up, lost a flip to Charder for a decent sized pot, and then got my money in with the best hand at the time... but my equity was only 30% lol. I turned top set when my opponent hit his flush draw and now had a 22% chance to win which whiffed and I was out the door.

Tomorrow is another $1k WSOP event at noon. Hopefully I can make another deep run and have a better sweat. I'd really like to make a final table and ultimately win a bracelet. I know everyone else feels the same way, but someones gotta win.

Aside from poker I went to the Palms pool party for "Ditch Fridays" today. It was packed and there was overcast weather. It wasn't ideal for the pool and kind of put a bummer on the afternoon. I wanted to get some sun and work on my tan... grinding online poker can really brighten your skin color lol.

I haven't been on the computer much. I was hoping to update the blog earlier but I have been pretty busy grinding these tournaments. I don't want to miss an opportunity in any of these events. That's all for now. Goodnight.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Still 0-fer...

I've played a couple more events since the last post and I still have no cashes. The Venetian poker tournament got a decent turnout but I busted fairly early. The WSOP events have been good but I haven't been able to get it going deep and win those crucial pots. There are still plenty of events so I am not even worried about it.

The next event I will play is the $1500 6max and I'm really looking forward to this event. I LOVE 6max. I know a lot of poker players feel the same way. It should be an awesome tournament and I am excited to play it. It will also be fun to switch it up from the same old 9-10 handed NLH tournaments. After that there is a $5k NLH on Tuesday but I'll hopefully still be in the 6max and will have to miss that one. We'll just see how things turn out when I play on Monday. I'm not sure what I am doing tomorrow. I might play online for all the big Sunday tournaments. I'll see how I feel.

Other than that things have been pretty quiet. It was my roommates birthday the other night and we went to dinner. I've worked out a couple times and explored Vegas a bit. I also watched the Lakers vs Celtics game. I think the Lakers will win the championship fairly easily. The Celtics didn't look too good in game one but they are still a tough team. I just don't see them being able to compete with the Lakers. It's getting super hot here now. Maybe if I have some time off I will hit the pools or do something fun. All I'm really focused on is poker right now, and that's how it should be. I will leave it at that. This is a pretty boring post lol... maybe I will have something interesting to say next blog.