Saturday, June 12, 2010

Couple Deep Runs...

Well I called my shot, kinda. I made a deep run in the $1500 6max event. There were around 1700 entrants and I finished in 82nd place for about $4000. I lost a huge flip for 150k pot at 600/1200 (my QhQs vs AKcc came A98sss and I bricked) and grinded back from it. I'm not happy with how I played the hand that I busted out on. In the moment I felt like I was making the right decision but looking back on it I don't like what I did. It happens. The whole tournament was a lot of fun and a good experience. My buddy, Matt Waxman, was at my Day 1 table for over 3 hours until we ended for the night. That was a lot of fun and a pretty crazy time lol. We were the loudest table in the room I'm sure.

Since I made a deep run in the 6max I missed out on the $5k NLH. That tournament would have been great. I know the field would have been tougher than a normal WSOP NLH tournament but I enjoy playing against good players. On Wednesday I played the Venetian $1600. I made a deep run and busted 10 minutes before we finished play for the night and about 30-40 out of the money. I lost a huge flip AQ vs 99 in a great spot for me, then lost 88 vs a shortstacks JJ and AQ vs JJ. I was happy with my overall play.

Yesterday I played the $1500 PLO tournament. It was a weird structure. Instead of starting us with 4500 in chips like they usually do, we started with 1500 chips and three rebuy chips for 1k each. They could be used at anytime when you weren't in a hand. I opted to take all of them at the beginning so I could start with the 4500 stack. I mixed it up, lost a flip to Charder for a decent sized pot, and then got my money in with the best hand at the time... but my equity was only 30% lol. I turned top set when my opponent hit his flush draw and now had a 22% chance to win which whiffed and I was out the door.

Tomorrow is another $1k WSOP event at noon. Hopefully I can make another deep run and have a better sweat. I'd really like to make a final table and ultimately win a bracelet. I know everyone else feels the same way, but someones gotta win.

Aside from poker I went to the Palms pool party for "Ditch Fridays" today. It was packed and there was overcast weather. It wasn't ideal for the pool and kind of put a bummer on the afternoon. I wanted to get some sun and work on my tan... grinding online poker can really brighten your skin color lol.

I haven't been on the computer much. I was hoping to update the blog earlier but I have been pretty busy grinding these tournaments. I don't want to miss an opportunity in any of these events. That's all for now. Goodnight.

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