Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Third Cash in WSOP...

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've had some long days playing poker and just don't get around to getting on the Internet. My housemate JD got 2nd in the $1k I finished 116th in! He won $310k. Congrats to him first and foremost! It was fun sweating him and watching the final table. Unfortunately he didn't win but he did great and played awesome. My other housemate Tim0thee has been deep in a couple tournaments also. He cashed in the $10k HU most recently. I watched a lot of his matches and he played really good. I could tell he couldn't get anything going in his last match and wasn't making many hands. It's tough to win at heads up if you're not making hands. He eventually got it in A6hh vs 84o on a 825hh board, turned the Ad and his opponent re-sucked the river with a 4d. He would have been even in chips again and been back in the running. It was a good performance either way.

Let's see.. I played the $5k 6-max WSOP event. It didn't go so well, although I played my best. I lost two monster pots. One with AJo vs 73dd on a J243dd board all in on the turn and lost. Then at 200/400/50a I was moved to a new table with Erick Lindgren. He opened the first hand UTG and I flatted JJ in the big blind. We got it in on a 365 board and Lindgren turned over 44. The turn was an 8 and the river was the 2 giving Lindgren the straight. That pot was about 100bbs, killed my momentum, and put me at about 50bbs. I couldn't get anything going after that. At 400/800/100a a shortstack shoved UTG at a new table for 10k, I reshoved A9cc on the button for 16k and the small blind woke up with AQo and called. UTG had K8hh and the board ran out Q9xxA...and AQ won it all. It was a frustrating tournament since I got fairly deep and did all I could. I wanted to do better in that tournament.

I've played a couple other WSOP in the last week as well ($1500 NLH, $1k NLH.) Today I played the $1500 NLH shootout. My table had a couple soft spots but I had two good players to my left. Adam Junglen and Jon "Apestyles" Van Fleet. Luckily they both busted pretty early. I doubled up quickly and had a couple other nice spots/pots and was chip leader at 5 handed play. I eventually got 3 handed. I got all the money in with AKo vs A9 on an A882 board for a 23k pot to have 33k of the total 45k in play. The river came a 9 and I got 3 outted for a monster pot. I battled back and eventually made it to heads up with the player I wanted to play heads up. The guy who got knocked out in 3rd was very aggressive and might have been a tougher HU opponent. I grinded the guy down, then we got back to even, and I eventually got it all in my AAs vs his 9sTd on a T54sss flop. I held and won the match. 140 players come back and play tomorrow. If I win my table tomorrow I will be in the final 14. We will then play two 7 handed tables and the rest of the tournament will play out like a normal MTT. Wish me luck!

Everything else aside from poker has been going well. I've been working out, playing basketball, hanging out with some friends and enjoying the summer. My main focus is poker but I'm still trying to stay balanced. Everyone in the house I'm staying at is cool and we all get along with each other. It's been fun and I'm glad I decided to stay in a house with some friends this year. I'll be updating my twitter tomorrow. Goodnight.

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