Friday, July 16, 2010

113th Place...

Thanks everyone for the support. It really means a lot. I battled hard today and things didn't end up going my way. I won the first pot of the day and got up to 1.5m and slowly lost it back. I couldn't get anything going. About 4 hours in at 15k/30k/4k ante I was knocked out when I had about 750k in chips. I'm happy with how I played and have no regrets. I felt like I had a good feel for everything as well as the players. I was super comfortable and not nervous at all. It just wasn't my tournament. I busted about 30-40 minutes before the dinner break in 113th place for $57,102.

Overall I had a great World Series of Poker. I had a couple deep runs (including a final table bubble in the double shootout), cashes, and bubbles. I felt like I played really well the whole summer and I look forward to playing more live poker tournaments. I believe my game has elevated to another level and I like challenging myself with that belief. Things can only get better from this point on. I doubt I will have to wait for the next WSOP to have another big sweat. The Main Event is one of the few poker tournaments in the world that can really change your life. I'm disappointed I didn't do better, but I am proud of myself for doing my best. Everything I did had a reason. Every fold, every call, every raise; I knew what I was doing. I stayed level headed the whole time and never got excited or dejected. My mentality has definitely changed this summer and it will only make me a better player and a better person.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. I am heading back to Florida tomorrow. I have been in Vegas for almost two months! It has gone by very fast. I look forward to playing poker in Florida now. I also want to continue to play high-level, live tournament poker. Maybe I will play my first WPT this year. Only time will tell. I'm going to get some rest and relax for a couple days. Right now I feel strange. I'm lightheaded and it feels like my ears need to pop. Definitely a weird feeling lol. I hope I'm alright and a little sleep cures my problem. I'll be fine.

Maybe I will talk about some big hands I played during the Main Event. There were definitely a lot of crazy pots that went down, including one hand from Day 1 which was just absolutely insane. We'll see how I feel, if I want to talk about some hands and give out some of that information. I will probably write a trip summary or something as well when I get some time.

Once again I just want to say I appreciate everyone who showed support and cheered me on. I know there's a lot of you. Thank you. I'm glad you guys could share the experience with me and I hope you enjoyed the ride. Two deep runs in the Main Event in 5 years isn't so bad. Hopefully I get a couple more chances in the near future. Thanks again. Goodnight.


XxxMaYiToxxX said...

Way to go Hold your head up high man you accomplished something most people will never do! Great Job!!

Anonymous said...

We are all proud of you and know that you did your best. It was an exciting ride and I know that you are just going to keep on getting better. Hold your head up high and remember that we all support you 100%.

PokerLawyer said...

Tristan - you had a great series and it was so fun to rail you! I look forward to reading your blog and watching your success continue. Good luck to you!