Monday, July 26, 2010

Aftermath Thoughts...

Aftermath is a very powerful word, but I'll let it stand. It's been over a week since I busted the WSOP Main Event. I am very pleased with my performance throughout the whole summer. I still wish I was a part of the November Nine though. Now I'm back in Florida relaxing. I've just been working out and hanging out. I haven't really touched poker, although I'm always thinking about it... even in my sleep.

I had a dream I was still in the Main Event last night. There were still 60-70 players remaining. I had a nice stack and I could feel I was on the verge of closing in on the final table. I woke up and I was thinking to myself "Okay Tristan... You're heading into Day 7 of the ME. Let's take a shower and get ready to play some poker today." I thought about it for another second while I laid in bed... I must be crazy. They already had the November 9! I had to convince myself I was already eliminated from the tournament. I haven't been dwelling on busting from the main event but maybe my subconscious has.

Life back in Florida isn't so bad. I've seen rain a few times in the past week. I enjoy it when it rains sometimes. Some people hate when it rains too much, but being in Vegas for two months with no rain, I'm glad I got to see some again. I caught up on Season 7 of Entourage. It is the only TV series I have actually followed. The other shows like 24, Lost, etc. I never got into because I didn't want to have to wait to watch the end. A couple summers ago I watched the first 3-4 seasons of Entourage and was hooked.

I'll get back into playing poker in a couple days. There is a $2k tournament in South Florida I will be playing soon. I also am looking forward to jumping in the cash games and seeing how they are now that poker is legalized in Florida. It hasn't really hit me yet. Once I get to see everything in motion I'm sure I will be amazed at the progress Florida has made on the poker end. I am also planning on writing a WSOP Main Event summary where I will talk about some hands I played, and most likely a summer trip report, where I write about my summer in Vegas/WSOP. We'll see. I will definitely do the former if not both. Goodnight. Expect that new blog shortly.

Edit: I guess this blog didn't have many thoughts in it lol. Wait for my next one!

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