Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Made Day 5...

Another day in the books. I am sitting on 767k in chips. The average is 380k. There are 574 players left and we are in the money. I am guaranteed 21k I think. I haven't looked, I don't care. I started off with a nice stack today, lost a couple decent sized pots, and moved to a new table. The new table had Cole South (CTS) who is an amazing cash game poker player. He was two seats to my left. It also had a couple other good players. I was settled into this table all day.

My stack went down from around 150k to 360k then I lost a massive pot where I folded top two pair on the river. The pot was about 300k and I went from 360k to 220k after it. I asked the floorman who was watching the hand "If I expose my hand is my hand dead?" We were heads up, I bet the river, the player moved all in, and action was on me to fold or call. The floorman answered "No." So I turned over my two pair. I ended up folding and the floorman then came up to me and told me I was receiving a one round penalty for showing my hand. I was completely baffled. Why didn't he tell me that was the consequence of showing my hand when I asked? I tried to ask for other opinions but all the WSOP staff said I had a penalty. Fair enough. I know the rule, but at the time I wasn't really thinking about it and was more focused on the hand and trying to get more information. I brain-farted and forgot that that was the rule lol. It's basically my fault, but I thought since the floorman was there he would tell me the rule. I was wrong. He claimed I flipped my hand over too quickly before he could say anything else... which is not true. Oh well.

So after that hand, I served my penalty (we were about 40-50 out of the money on the bubble) and went back to the table. We eventually made the money and I grinded the 150k shortstack until the 3k/6k level. I then doubled up twice to 650k and chipped up a little more to end the night where I'm at with 767k. There is an hour left at 3k/6k/1k ante and after that we will play 4k/8k/1ka. We will be playing another 8 hours of poker tomorrow and I imagine we will get down to the top 150 or so. We will see.

That's about all there is to say. Today went by pretty fast. I chatted it up with Cole for a while and another player named Tommy. Both are high stakes cash game players; nice guys and good professionals. It's going to be tough since we are now in the money I can't listen to my iPod anymore to keep my sanity. I will probably listen on break when I can. I really hate that rule. Is someone really going to tell me how to play my hand through my iPod? I know, I know. People can cheat... but it would just be so ridiculously hard to unless you were at a final table/featured table where the hole card cameras were. It's a pretty pointless rule. Anyone who isn't paying attention can miss the action. It doesn't matter if they are listening to music or not. Enough of that rant lol. I'm about to get some sleep and hopefully survive another day. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Tristan. Keep grinding away! I know your dad is proud of you! Mr. steve

Moe said...

I got my eye on you, keep it up, remember when I used to beat you in free throw contests and dunk all over you........neither do I, good luck LOL.