Saturday, October 30, 2010

Decent Week...

I've had a decent week at the virtual felt. On Tuesday I chopped the 100r on Stars when I was the chip leader. I always bust after I chop. I never get the PLBs or anything haha. Both players were solid and the chop was in my favor so I went with it.

I had a couple other final tables throughout the week as well. Today I played and got deep in a few tournaments. I was heads up in a PCA package satellite. First place won the 15k package and 2nd place walked away with $700. I played a tough opponent who didn't fold much, ever, and he got the best of me. After that defeat I will still in the 50 cubed on FTP. I got heads up in that as well and lost an unfortunate pot with KJs vs K6o on a K23cc86 board. I check raised the flop, bet the turn, and shoved the river. I'm almost certain he would have called anyways with his king if he didn't hit two pair so I played it fine, just unlucky.

I feel like I'm playing really well, and I'm sure I've been running alright too. It would have been nice to get the PCA package win out of the way in October, but I have a couple more months to try to win one. I might be missing a lot of live tournaments I wanted to play in which I'm not happy about, but I will live with it. The NAPT in La, and the 5k WPT in my backyard at the Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida. I have a few things I might be getting into in the next couple of weeks so we will see what pans out. If those things don't work out then I'll be able to play those events. Either way its a winning situation.

Other than the couple exciting things coming up in the next few weeks, there isn't much going on. I am working out, playing poker, coaching poker, car shopping (STILL -- although I think I've narrowed it down) and other random activities. I will be making that announcement shortly too. This blog never does well with announcements but I promise it is coming lol.

I feel like this particular blog doesn't have much substance so I'm going to talk about mental toughness in poker for a second. It is probably one of the best characteristics you can have if you are a poker player. I was talking to my buddy Steve the other day and he was saying that because of our experience in poker, we would be able to make it doing whatever we decide to do. If we wanted to venture into another profession we would succeed. I agree with him in the aspect that making a living off of poker is tough. You can lose money, you are constantly defeated, it's an emotional roller coaster, etc... If you don't have a good understanding of how poker works, you can never make it in the field. I am a very competitive person. I've come to the realization that I will be a loser 99% of the time in tournament poker. Maybe it's not actually that high, but the probability of winning a tournament is very low. That's just what it is. The variance involved in tournaments is out of this world. Once you come to reality with all of this you will become a better poker player. There are times when I feel unlucky, or get frustrated with how a poker session went. If you are able to see poker for what it is and grab a hold of it, it will help elevate your game to another level. It's not just about winning the hand, or winning the tournament. It is about decision making. What you do and why you do it. If you are constantly making the right decisions, everything else will fall into place.

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