Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vegas In November...

This is what I've always dreamed of. Coming to Vegas in November for the main event final table. The only problem is, I busted the tournament months ago...

I'm back in Vegas. I had a long day of flying in middle row seats. Southwest airlines and their first come, first serve seating policy doesn't fit me well. I had bad draws with the boarding positions. I'm not used to their system and always forget to check in early. The first flight from West Palm to Tampa was only about 45 minutes. That wasn't bad. The second leg of the trip from Tampa to Vegas was about a 5 hour flight. I slowly made my way to the back of the plane, hoping to find an aisle or window seat. I passed the last window seat that I positively knew wasn't occupied. The lady had her purse in the seat. I didn't want to deal with that and I also thought I saw a couple seats in the back. Well, I was wrong. I realized the bad news and decided to sit in the back row, middle seat. Another mistake. The guy sitting at the window was well built and bulky with broad shoulders. I also have wide shoulders and we were fighting for arm rest space. There are far worse problems in life though and I managed to make it to Vegas unscathed. No big deal, lesson learned.

I got picked up by a couple people from Deepstacks and we ate dinner at a tapas place. I believe it was my first tapas experience. The food was pretty good and I always enjoy eating a wide variety of food in one sitting. I tried a lot of different things and will definitely go back. Personally, It's fun to throw curve balls at your taste buds and try a lot of smaller dishes.

Tomorrow DeepStacks is having a Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi and Mike "The Mouth" Matusow 360 camp. They both will teach poker strategies using a 360 degree camera to broadcast live over the Internet. It should be pretty neat, so I am here helping them out with that. I should be pretty busy with whatever else is going on around here. Come Saturday The Grinder will play out the Main Event final table and I will be there watching with the crew. It's pretty exciting to have someone I know at the final table, but I still am thinking about my deep run and wishing I could have done better. Realistically though, your chances of making the final table of the main event are slim to none. I'm ready to try again next year though.

I'll blog more this week. Just wanted to keep this short and write a little something. I have a couple other things to talk about later on in the week. Goodnight.

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