Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weeks Worth...

**I started this blog on Saturday night... and didn't finish it. So the first part will be from Saturday**

I just finished playing MTTs for the day. I had a 20th in the $300 6max on FTP. I was near the top of the leader board the whole time until a couple big pots in the end when I busted. I made one borderline call where the opponents range was really polarized and I was wrong. It was a really big pot and I could have folded the river but I thought I had a good read, which apparently I didn't. I bubbled both 100rs today on FTP and Pokerstars. Oh ya also got deep in the 100 cubed turbo again but that didn't work out either. I had a couple other deep runs but I still have to play better, still making mistakes. I'm still trying a lot of new things though too, so it's tough to play flawlessly doing that.

Let's see... I went to Orlando to do some DeepStacks University work on Monday and Tuesday. I should have some modules up on their site within the next week. Lol... funny sidetrack story.

I was just writing the blog and saw white shoes outside in the dark run by my window. I got a flashlight went outside and didn't see anyone then I saw 2 kids take off from a couple houses over. I shouted "Hey what are you kids doing?!" and they kept running, so I ran after them lol. I haven't ran than fast in years. Luckily I had socks on and I caught up with them down the street and they told me they were just playing man hunt. Haha.. I used to do the same thing. I just wanted to make sure what was going on though. Me and all the neighbors have fences so it was weird noticing someone outside but they seemed legit. I have heard some kids have tried to break into houses around here so that's why I tailed them.

Anyways. Yeah I did some videos for DeepStacks University. It took a little bit to get comfortable and understand what was going on but it wasn't bad at all. I got the hang of it and pumped out a couple modules on Super Turbo Strategy. I will see how they turn out. Hopefully it's not too embarrassing being in front of the camera and I can get 100% comfortable to doing it. I'm excited to see how the finished product looks.

On to the Isle tournament... My buddy Steve Karp, who was featured in my last blog explaining how to beat live poker must really know what hes talking about lol. He went on to win the Isle Tournament for about $45k!!!! Congrats again to him!!! I'm not sure how many times he closed his eyes praying for his gutter or had to beat glow in the dark opponents but he did it lol... He's a pretty funny guy. Don't take anything he said too seriously, he knows what he is doing.

Steve "The Sleeze" Karp

What else is there to say.. Hmmm... On Thursday/Friday I will be going to Tampa for a DeepStacks Live workshop. With DeepStacks University we also run live camps around the country. We have a FREE preview workshop that is taking place in Tampa on Saturday. The location is at the Embassy Suites at 555 N. Westshore Blvd. The times are both Saturday and Sunday 10am, 3pm, and 7pm. If you want to go register at I will be in Tampa until Sunday and then I am going to hop on a plane out of Orlando and head to Borgata in Atlantic City for the Winter Open $3k Main Event. Hopefully everything works out according to plan.

I booked my flight for early Monday morning and I will be arriving in Atlantic City around 10:40am. The tournament starts at 11am. Hopefully I can get settled in and everything and not miss too many hands. I wanted to leave Sunday night but as soon as I went to book this one flight, it was filled. I ran really bad today lol. It was a 9:20pm flight out of Orlando on Sunday. It would have fit my schedule perfectly. I wanted to get there the night before and settle in but oh well. Maybe traveling to the tournament the day of will be good to switch it up.

As far as poker goes today I didn't do very well. I probably wasn't playing my best and didn't run the best either. Those two factors combined never make for a good Sunday. I got deep in the 100r Turbo on FTP and ended up busting 14th by losing a flip. That tournament has a lot of luck involved but it was nice to be deep and have a shot at the 44k first place. I wish I could have done better.

I also might play in the Stars Blogger COOP thing... so let me post that link now.

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 044890

That's about it for now I guess. This blog has been all over the place. I haven't forgot about the free coaching and I plan on doing that in the next couple of weeks when I get some more down time. Pretty sure FTP has double guarantees this week so I will be grinding online the days I can this week. Goodnight.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back Home but Busy...

I've been back home for a couple days now. It's good to be back. I am trying to remember what I've been doing the last couple of days. I went to the gym a couple times, hung out, played a little poker today. I saw "The Book Of Eli" last night and enjoyed it a lot. I liked how the whole movie was done and thought they did a great job. The story and acting was good as well. Some people say they don't like it but I thought it was an awesome movie all around.

I played in a live tournament at the Isle yesterday. The buyin was $900. It is a three day event having two day 1's and a final day 2. I didn't survive the end of day 1. I played for about 9 hours before I busted. I DEFINITELY didn't play my best. I did make some good plays but overall I need to play better. I think I have realized what my live game has been lacking and I think I am ready for some live success in the near future. I feel like my live game has always been real good but I also have patched up some leaks I believe too. I guess I can write some of the biggest hands of the day from that...

I basically donked around with my 22k starting stack. Getting down to about 12-13k after getting in a couple normal pots and having to bet/fold the river twice in decent sized pots.

Sorry I had a skype video call for a second with my buddy while I was writing this blog..

Steve Karp on what it takes to win live tournaments: "Live...Hang around until the end. Win your three big pots in a row at the end. And then get really aggressive short handed. P.s. Hopefully you can get your over pair in against the 19 year old kid who glows in the dark because he hasn't left the house for two years and when he has to math call you with two unders, you hold. The reason I wear glasses when I play live is so I can close my eyes and pray I hit my gutter on the turn. I just cbet the gutter and close my eyes and pray."

LOL. This guy is the best. Anyone who knows Steve will agree with that statement. He's a hilarious South Florida poker player who has some of the best one liners I've ever heard. Definitely a good guy. He's actually the one who told me to start this blog years ago. Anyways...

The blinds are 75/150. I raise to 400 with KK. The button, Scott, a good player from South Florida calls and the big blind calls. The flop comes KJJdd I check call a 700 bet from Scott. The turn is the 6h and I check. He bets 1100. At this point I am about 99% sure he has a Jack here. I raised to 3200 and he put me all in. I called, he had AJ and I faded to double up to 25k.

Again I open to 400 with KK. A regular, younger kid from South Florida 3bets me to 1100. He has about 11k in chips. I 4bet to 2200 and he instajams all in. I call. He turns over J9o and the board runs 2349T and I am now up to 37k.

I raise A9ss in mid position to 525 at 100/200. The button flats and the bb calls. The flop came TT3dds and I bet 825. Button floats, bb folds. The button was a player who floated me with AQ on an 893 flop and then bet a K turn. So he wasn't too experience but definitely capable of messing around. The turn was the Ks and I turned a flush draw. I thought about betting but decided checking was best. He bet 2k with about 7k behind. This line was similar to the one he had taken bluffing before. I decided to semi bluff shove the turn with my flush draw. He called with QThh and I hit the 5s on the river to go up to 54k.

The third hand back from break at 150/300 I open the lowjack to 800 and the cutoff makes it 1600. It was a pretty cheesy 3bet by this player and I didn't give it much credit. I called. The flop came KT6r I checked and he bet 1100. His bet was weak to me and I made it 3200. He called. The turn was the 2 and I decided to check here. He checked back pretty quickly. His range was pretty narrow at this point in the hand. The river came a 7 and I decided to move all in. I figured he couldn't call off his tournament at this point and he folded.

Lost a small flip AhKs vs JJ for like 10k pot. Came hhxhx and doubled him up.

This active aggressive player opened to 1150 at 200/400 and the player to my right called. I called with 63dd. The flop came 345d. The opener bet 1600, other player to my right shoved 10.5k and I reshoved for about 45k (I had lost chips at this point.) I bricked this pot and was down to about 31k.

Scott opened to 1200 preflop, the button flatted and I flatted with 66 in the small blind. The flop came 67ss4d. I checked, Scott bet 3500, button folded, and I moved all in. Scott called all in with his last 12k or so with 89ss. The turn was the Tc and river was the 8d and he hit his straight to double up and I was now down to 13k.

I had about 15k a couple minutes before we moved to 400/800. I was now at a new table and trying to get a feel for it. The table was full of amateurs and lots of people making crazy plays. I was excited about this table. There were three limpers and I had 66 on the button. With about 3k+ out there, I decided to move all in. I'm sure this play is profitable but I don't know if its optimal. If I think the limpers are folding that often then it is super profitable with a wide range of hands but with 25bbs (going to 18bbs) I think I could "pick a better spot" possibly. Anyways, the UTG limper had 99 and snap called my shove and I was out.

I didn't play my best that is for sure. Luckily it's always a learning experience and I think I have figured out some things I have been doing wrong in a live setting.

Today was my first day back on the online grind. I bubbled two big PLO tourneys today. I had stacks in both of them and got unlucky in a couple huge pots. I also made two final tables. One was a 400 player Aid For Haiti tournament. It was a $5+5 tournament and I ended up losing in 7th place. I like that the sites are helping players donate money to the relief in Haiti. They need it. The second final table I made was a 2nd place finish in the 100 cubed turbo on Stars for 12k. I made a really silly mistake heads up and shoved on an open. I didn't realize how deep we were. I had the chip lead and the raiser had about 30bbs+ We had just gotten off break and I thought the blinds were higher/stacks shallower. Oh well, stupid mistake. It happens.

I am going to Orlando in the morning. I will play a full schedule online and I have some stuff to do on Monday for DeepStacks University. It's a great thing that they have people located in Orlando. It really works out to see everyone in Orlando and spend time up there as well as in South Florida. I will be back home Tuesday night from Orlando. That's about it for now, hopefully I can get deep in some tournaments tomorrow. I think I'm due on a Sunday. Good luck everyone.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Busted Two Live Tourneys Same Day...

This morning I woke up and decided to play the $1100 PLO 6-max tournament at the PCA. I registered and got to my table. I had a pretty good seat. I had position on the better players I believe. I only played one big pot really.

At 25/50 UTG made it 150, the cutoff made it 525 and I flatted in the big blind with T9cc67dd. We started with 10k in chips and 50 minute levels. My hand plays really well post flop so I think it's an easy call, especially since the UTG raiser will not be 4betting here much. The UTG raiser did actually 4bet to 2125. The cutoff called and I was priced in as well. The flop came QcTd2c and there was about 6400 in the pot. I had around 8k and decided potting it and going with this flop was the best play. It is obvious the UTG raiser has AAxx and I figured he would have to fold dry aces here on this well connected board assuming he didn't have clubs along with his AA. He ended up tank calling with AcAhQh9d for dry aces. He flopped top pair as well but my hand had 57% equity vs his hand, so I was actually a favorite. The turn and river bricked and I was down to about 1200 in chips.

I doubled up and then 3bet Nam Le's open with AKQTds. He flat called and I had 700 chips behind. The flop came J82ddd and I didn't have diamonds. This is one of the only flops I would ever check fold here with my remaining stack of about 700-800. I check folded and eventually got my stack in having to fade 8 outs and he hit. On to the next tournament.

The 5k 8 handed tournament started at 4pm. The PLO started at 2pm. I registered for the 5k after relaxing for about an hour and eating lunch. I got in the 5k at around 5pm and was moved to a tough table. Here was the seating assignment:

Seat 1: Roothlus
Seat 2: Busto_soon
Seat 3: ToeTagU
Seat 4: GotURead
Seat 5: Me (Cre8ive)
Seat 6: Angel Guillen (Stars pro)
Seat 7: BigEgypt
Seat 8: Danny Wong

I will talk about some really interesting hands but I don't know how much I want to go into detail. The first big pot I got involved in was at 75/150. I raised UTG with A7hh. Angel called in 2nd position and Roothlus called in position. ToeTagU 3bet to 1600 from the small blind. I wanted to put him in a tough spot with Ace blockers and 4bet to 3250. I was about 15k deep and everyone was around the same. I really like my 4bet sizing here. Angel and Rooth folded and ToeTagU called. Uht oh. The flop was A63 rainbow. He checked, I checked. The turn was another 3 and it went check check. The river was a 5 and he bet 4600. I made a really easy call in my mind and he showed me AA. Ouch. I was now down to about 7k in chips.

Since I was at such a tough table I decided to mix my play up and step outside the box a little. I took some different lines and played some different spots than I usually would. I got in one big pot with Roothlus when he raised the hijack to 525 at 100/200 and I defended my big blind with 64cc. The flop came J44ss and he bet 550 after I checked. I check raised to 1450 and he called. The turn was the 2h putting two hearts and two spades and I bet 2450. He called once again. The river came the Jc and I hated the river. I don't think he has too many jacks in his range, I really thought he had an over pair like AA/KK and I thought this card would kill my action. I bet 5k leaving myself with about 2-3k. He thought for a while and ended up mucking.

Another big pot I got involved in was when GotURead opened the cutoff to 525 and I called with KQo. Angel called in the sb too. The flop came Q74r and both me and Angel called GotURead's flop bet of 900. The turn brought Qs putting two spades on board and they both checked to me. Normally I bet here but I wanted to get more value and disguise my hand to both opponents and I checked as well. The river wasn't the best card, it was the Ad. Angel checked, GotU bet 2200 and I raised to 5700. Angel folded and GotU made a great fold showing a Q (Q6 he said) and I won another pot.

I was playing pretty weird but aggressive. I liked how I was mixing it up a lot. I grew my stack up to about 22k and picked up AQo a couple hands into the 150/300/25ante level. I opened to 800 on the hijack and Danny 3bet from the small blind to 2500. He had about 7k behind and I moved all in. He tanked for a long time and really wanted to call but ended up folding what he said was AJ. Oh well. I was very active and was playing a ton of pots. I won a couple nice pots off Danny. Two hands after the AQ I picked up another real hand AKcc. I made it 800 from 2nd position and Danny moved all in for 7k. Roothlus tank folded and then it got to ToeTagU in the big blind. He instantly moved all in for around 30k. I was pretty surprised to see a snap shove by him. I thought he would of tanked for a little bit with QQ/KK/AA so with that thought process coupled with my image, I thought this was an easy call although it was a huge pot. I called all in with my 25k stack. Danny turned over 55 and ToeTagU turned over AKdd. I had AKcc and the board ran out 6d7d3h8dx and ToeTagU hit a flush to win a monster pot. I think it would be hard for ToeTag to just flat there with a lot of his range because I could put him in tough spots by shoving over his call with a wide range. I think it's an easy call for me.

So today I was pretty unlucky and that's the theme of the trip. I have been playing really well in the bigger events and I really like where my game is heading. I still have a lot more to learn and practice but I'm getting there. It was nice playing against great players today to test where I'm at. It was a fun challenge. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the next couple of days. I leave here on the 12th.

That's it for now. Will update later. Goodnight.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eliminated From PCA Main...

I feel like I did everything I could. I am back in my hotel room right now. The feeling of losing a big tournament is horrible. Nothing else matters except the tournament. When you lose you just wish there was a way you could jump back in there. It's more of a lost feeling I suppose. The tournament was your home and now you're homeless, lol. Enough of the woe is me. I played really well today and I am not upset with myself, it just didn't go my way. I'll talk about a couple of big pots I played today.

I started with an average stack and looked up my table draw in the morning. I had 4 other HSMTT regulars on my starting table. Jcarver, Kleath, Allanon, and DaBears87 (puffinpurp, gimmeda1time.) I chipped up good throughout the day at this table with not many showdowns. In the first couple hours of play I think I won all but one pot without a showdown. My first interesting hand was against JCarver.

I raised the lowjack with AdQs to 2400 at 500/1k/100a and he called from the small blind. The flop came QJ9hh. We both checked. The turn was the Jd putting two diamonds up. He lead for 4200 and I called. The river was the Td. He bet 8500, I made it 19.8k and he folded. My stack grew to 61k.

I was up to around 80k when Allanon raised to 2700 utg with a little over 30k stack. I had 99 in 2nd position and called. The chip leader at the table called as well as JCarver. The flop came 658ss and we all checked. The turn was the 7d giving me the straight. Me and Allanon checked again and the chip leader bet 12k. Everyone folded to me and I decided smooth calling was best. The river brought the Ac and I decided to check again. He bet 19k, I called and he mucked his hand. I was now up to 139k.

At 800/1600 I made it 4k UTG with JJ. The player in 2nd position called and kleath shoved in late position for 22k. I reshoved when action got back to me and the 2nd position player folded. Kleath showed 88 and the board ran out A76A river 8. I couldn't fade the 2 outter for a ~55k pot and I was down to 122k.

I make it 4800 UTG at 1k/2k and a player who was new to the table but had 3bet earlier before we went on break made it 13k. I didn't have too much information on him and felt like calling preflop was the best plan of action. The flop came T84r and I check called a 15k bet. The turn came a 6 and we both checked. The river was a beautiful card, a Q. I had top set. The player had about 70k in chips and there was about 60k in the pot. He had 40k in blue (5k) chips so I bet exactly that. He called and showed KK when he saw my QQ. I was pretty lucky in this pot but I would have folded the turn if he fired again. I was up to about 190k now.

That table broke and I was moved to a new table with Vanessa Rousso and some other Internet players. One guy two to my right had about 500k in chips and was playing every pot. He played one pot where he opened the button to 5500, the small blind 3bet to 18k (with about 115k stack -- he would never fold here in his life) and the button moved all in with K9ss. The small blind called with JJ and the guy flopped a flush with K9. He was overly aggressive and getting hit with the deck.

I was just getting used to the new table and seeing how everything was. I opened to 6100 in 3rd position with KQo. The button, who was an Internet player (JBT449 I just found out) made it 15.3k. I was pretty sure this was a 3bet bluff so I decided to 4bet to 33.6k. In hindsight I should have made a larger 4bet but I don't mind it when I do have monsters. He decided to flat call me. He was probably 250-300k deep and I was about 180k deep. I priced him out to set mine but still put myself in a rough spot out of position. The flop came 952r and I bet 42k with about 110k behind. He thought for a while and just decided to call. The turn was a 7h bringing two hearts. I decided to check. He bet 20k into a pot of about 155k. I thought long and hard about this one... I'll just keep my thoughts to myself. I wont comment on his play or my play. Ultimately I ended up folding after about 5 minutes of thought and he showed K5o, for the best hand. My stack was now at 110k.

I raise QJo in 2nd position at 1.5k/3k/300a. Everyone folds. The very next hand I pick up QQ and make it 7200 UTG. It folds to CrazyMarco who moves all in for about 50k. I call and he tables ATss. The flop came Txxxx and I was up to about 165k.

Here is my bust out hand. Vanessa Rousso was very short and moves all in for about 26-28k preflop in middle position (at 1.5k/3k.) The crazy/loose/overly aggressive chip leader calls her all in next to act from the hijack. Her range is huge here as well as his. I look down at AQo on the button. With over 70k in the pot already, this is a super easy shove. I move all in. The chip leader calls with AK. I table AQ. Vanessa turns up 44. The board runs out 96362 and Vanessa triples up and I am eliminated around 300th place.

225 players made the money in this tournament. I played real hard and have that feeling that there's not much else I could do. I didn't let the K5o hand affect me and I think the AQo hand is just a huge cooler, So I'm not mad, just disappointed like usual. I was about 45 minutes away from Day 3 and only 80 or so players away from making the money. It was definitely a grind but I was getting more comfortable the deeper I got. My instincts were spot on today and I wish I could have done better. I just have to keep playing and hopefully one of these big tournaments works out in my favor. Good luck to everyone who is still in. Hopefully one of my friends will win it.

Survived Day 1 of PCA Main Event...

I survived day 1 today. We played for 8 hours. I have a stack of 46k with the average being around 47k. I'm not in bad shape. I played a couple real interesting pots today. I won a lot of small pots after winning one big pot and found myself at 70k in chips before the last two levels of the day. I couldn't hit a flop or win a pot for the last two levels and finished with 46k. I played well though for the most part. I don't think I spewed off chips or anything. Just standard hands with continuation bets, etc. I avoided a couple of marginal spots which I'm not sure how I feel about yet. I had a pretty tough table with a lot of good players.

I didn't really get to touch too much on the DeepStacks University deal. I just want to say once again I'm really lucky and thankful for something like that. I'm sure there are a lot of poker players and people that are more deserving than me. In this industry it seems pretty hard to get yourself in a position for an opportunity like the one I have. They have a bunch of awesome players signed to their site already and I'm sure it will be a blast working with them as well as all the other guys involved with DeepStacks U.

The weather in the Bahamas has been a little chilly and windy. I had a few days off before I had to hit the tables. On Tuesday I tried to fight the cold weather and hit the pools/slides/beach. It wasn't so bad until the wind started blowing and the sun was stuck behind the clouds. It would have been nice to relax on the beach for a couple of days before playing. That's the least of my concerns at this moment. I want to stay inside as long as possible for the Main Event now!

I'll post one Interesting hand I had today. A good cash game player who was playing pretty solid at the time made it 500 in 2nd position at 75/150. The button, who was a loose player (but a thinking player) from Greece called. I called in the small blind with black JJ. We all had around 25-35k in chips. The flop came J97hhh. We all checked. The turn brought the 3s. I bet 850 and the Greek guy called. The other opponent folded. The river brought the 7d, pairing the board. I thought this was a good card for my opponent and the way the hand played out I felt like a check raise was best. I checked, he bet 1850, and I made it 6450. He then reraised me 6k more.

What do you guys do? I probably had a little over 20k facing his raise of 6k. Do you call or do you move all in?

Pretty interesting spot considering how the hand played out and what hands he can turn over on the river. I'll keep everyone updated on my progress. I will be updating Twitter every now and then. Follow me on Twitter to see the updates.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Huge Announcement!!!...

It's pretty late in the Bahamas. It's 1:30am so I'm going to write a quick update. I am playing the $10k Main Event tomorrow. I wanted to let everyone know some great news before I started playing though. I recently signed a deal with DeepStacks University. I am now a part of Team DeepStacks! I am very excited to work with everyone involved in the company and I like what they are doing. I will be doing online modules as well as live coaching at camps for them. It should be an awesome experience!

That's the big news I have for now. Sorry for such a short update but I have to get going to sleep. I will update the blog tomorrow after play and I might be doing an interview for pocketfives as well. I'm going to try to wake up early in the morning and get a workout in before play.

The stay at Atlantis has been nice so far and I will talk more about that in the next blog. Goodnight guys.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Super Busy/2010 Goals...

I have been pretty busy the last week or so. I haven't played much poker. I had a great month of December and am pretty upset I didn't get to finish it out with more volume. With the Holidays and everything, I just wasn't able to find time to play. I had a great Christmas with my family and friends and also a nice, relaxing New Years. Poker can't always be a priority.

I have not forgot about the free coaching I offered and I will definitely do that when I get back from the Bahamas. Sorry about that. I wanted to do it before I left but I just haven't had the time and I don't want to do it tonight on such short notice. I will do it when I get back and give everyone a heads up. I will probably go through a Super Turbo MTT hand history/strategy involved since most people hate them but they are really profitable.

Other than that let's see... I had lunch with my buddy Amir the other day. He's a nice guy and he owns the website PokerWit. It's a site for posting poker hands and it's pretty neat so check it out. It makes discussing hands and situations a little easier. We just had lunch, talked and caught up on everything. He was in town for a week so it was nice to meet with him.

I have also been running a bunch of errands before heading off to the Bahamas. My vision has started deteriorating in the last couple of years. I decided to get contacts today. I'm still getting used to them but it's nice to be able to see everything clearly. My vision wasn't that bad but at times it was hard to make out details that were far away. For example, when I would play basketball at the gym I couldn't really make out faces from across the court. It's different but it's not so bad. Hopefully I get used to taking them out and putting them in pretty quickly.

I'm leaving tomorrow to the Bahamas. It will actually be my first WPT/EPT/10k Buyin Event aside from the WSOP Main Event. I am pretty excited about it all. I went to the PCA two years ago but I just played a couple side events. The Bahamas is a nice place but I'm there to play poker and try to win a huge tournament. Hopefully I can keep my mistakes to a minimum and make a deep run in the Main Event. I'm sure it's going to be a tough field with a lot of good players but I am up for the challenge. I felt like I really played well when I went to Aruba so I am excited to play some more big buyin live tournaments. We will see how it goes!

I have some poker related goals for 2010. I will look back on them at the end of the year and see if I accomplished what I wanted to do. I want to...

1) Have 500k in profit between MTT/Cash/SnG/etc.
2) Final table a big live tournament (If I play enough live this will change to WIN.)
3) Win a major online tournament (Sunday Majors/FTOPS/WCOOP/etc.)
4) Continue to grow as a poker player and person.
5) Minimize mistakes on the felt.
6) Continue to control my emotions and keep a positive attitude.
7) Continue to balance poker and life.
8) Move up the rankings on pocketfives (almost in the top 100 now I believe.)
9) Frequently update the blog (at least once a week.)
10) Play more live tournaments while maintaining good volume online.
11) Stay ahead of the curve.
12) Have fun.

That's all I can think of now. There are a lot of things on that list and I would be ecstatic if I could accomplish them all. Normally I don't set goals but I think everything I said above is attainable. The end of 2009 went real well for me so I am hoping it continues over in 2010. Time will tell. My next update will be from the Bahamas in the next couple of days. Talk to you then.