Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome To 2011...

What's up world? I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a great New Years. Things have been alright on my end. I've had to make a couple difficult decisions lately. It hasn't been fun or easy but I did what I had to do. Sometimes doing the right thing is the toughest thing to do. I don't get too personal in my blog often, but I try to live my life with honesty and do what I think is right. I stress about what is right and wrong on a daily basis. There is no blueprint to life and I'm a person that needs specific answers. I'm still dealing with the reality that I can't know everything. Life would be boring that way I guess. I was going to write about decision making, but I think that topic would be too tough to relate to poker in the sense I'm talking about. So enough of that.

I've been having a couple good weeks at the online tables. I've made a few final tables with some top finishes but no victories. It's been nice to start 2011 with some deep runs. Typically the first of the year is kicked off by the PCA tournament in the Bahamas. I wasn't planning on going after losing heads up twice in heartbreaking fashion for a package. Now I've changed my mind and will be there this weekend. I can't win if I don't go, right? The PCA is the 2nd best 10k in poker behind the WSOP Main Event. I couldn't miss it. It will be nice to see friends I don't get to see often and play some big live events. I'm looking forward to it.

There is actually a funny story about me going to the Bahamas. Like I said above, I wasn't planning on going but I was contemplating making a last minute decision to go. This afternoon I got a text message from one of my buddies, Jeff. I don't talk to him too often. He is a professional poker player as well. We hang out when we are in the same city and are good friends, we just don't talk that much otherwise. He sent me a text that read "Had a dream me you FT of Bahamas Main.. I don't know, don't ask." Haha. It was pretty random like I said. He's not one of my friends I talk to on a daily basis or that often, so it is weird he is dreaming about me. That's why Jeff made the comment at the end saying "I don't know, don't ask." How could I not go after receiving that text? I'm hoping there is some foresight involved in his dream. If he loses the tournament before me, does that mean I won't final table? Time will tell!

There has been some shakeup in the online poker industry lately. Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke both left UB and then they signed Prahlad Friedman. I haven't followed along with all the drama, but I know a little bit about what's going on. I can't say for certain why Hellmuth and Duke left UB. I'm sure there are some hidden reasons but that is just my hunch. It could be something with UB they didn't like, something with them personally, legalization of poker in the states and other companies biting at them, who knows. I just don't think it is something cut and dry like they are trying to make it though. The signing of Prahlad is a little crazy. He said he would never take a sponsorship from an online poker site and he was also one of the people who was cheated out of the most money during the UB scandal. I don't think it is bad that he signed with UB. Who cares what he said in the past? He decided to change his mind. It's his decision. A lot of people give UB a lot of flack. I understand why. They also are trying to change their image and I think they realize a lot of people are going to hate them before they decide to play there again. As long as they keep trying to improve their product I believe UB can be successful. It might take a while though.

I will update from the Bahamas as well. I haven't done a tournament summary recently. Maybe I will do one for the PCA but I doubt it. It is too big of a tournament and there probably won't be enough time for me to blog that much. There are a lot of great live tournaments coming up in Florida after the PCA. I could do a tournament summary blog then. My mind is going blank. Sorry for jumping all around. Blogging can be tough sometimes haha. Talk to you guys later. Wish me luck at the PCA! Goodnight.

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