Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Announcement...

A couple months ago I blogged about an announcement I was going to make. Well that time has finally come. I'm proud to announce a deal with a popular custom poker/gaming table making company, Off Tilt Poker Tables. I've recently built a relationship with the owner of the company. He's a super nice guy and the tables he builds are awesome. The products he offers are high quality and can be personalized for every user. They make poker tables, blackjack tables, you name it - they can build it. I actually have a custom poker table being built for me now. Once I get it finished I will post pictures of it.

To celebrate the deal with Off Tilt, they are offering a special package for a custom poker table at $1624. You have to purchase the table through my my link on their website to receive the discount. The package includes:

-Choice of table size up to 8 feet
-Choice of table style (dealer, full surface, racetrack, oval, octagon, etc or combo)
-Choice of wood stain
-Choice of vinyl rail color
-Choice of wood pedestal
-Stainless steel cup holders
-Choice of a custom designed cloth or dyed cloth OR hidden chip drawer
(My favorite part of building a table is the custom designed cloth. It personalizes the table.)

The table is then enclosed in wood crating and shipped and delivered to your house, which is included in the price. Also if you purchase any other upgrades or options for your table you get 10% off if you use the referral code "Cre8ive" or "Tristan"

I'm going to add some pictures at the bottom of the blog of some of the tables. They have a gallery of 50+ pictures of all different types of tables they made on their website. If there are any other questions you can contact Off Tilt Poker Tables directly through their website or contact me. Enough business talk!

I just got back on Saturday night from a trip to Montreal, Canada. It was awesome up there. I went to teach a DeepStacks camp at the Four Aces Poker club. The poker club was awesome and once again, I met a lot of cool people on the trip. Thanks to everyone at Four Aces and all the new friends I met in Montreal. I arrived on Wednesday and was supposed to leave Friday, but decided to stay an extra day. Although it was snowing and freezing, I liked the change of environment. I don't see snow often, especially for a few days. I got to walk around the city near McGill University a couple times. I also went out to a couple different clubs/bars/hotels at night. I enjoyed the city and want to go back and visit during the summer. My next camp is in California in a couple weeks. I will be traveling a lot this year.

There is a $2k tournament coming up at the Hard Rock in South Florida this weekend which I will be playing. I'm excited as usual haha. Check my twitter for updates if I don't update the blog before then.

Here are some pictures of the poker tables:

Pretty sick custom designed cloth.

FSU is OKAY lol.. but awesome table with hidden chip drawer.

They can basically build anything you want. Anyone who is interested in getting a poker/gaming table should check them out. Don't forget you have to use my link to receive the discount.

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