Friday, April 20, 2012

12th Place/EPT Berlin/Day 3 WPT Hard Rock...

I ended up busting in 12th place at WPT Vienna. I made a Cre8ive play where I cold 4bet and 6bet shoved 97cc into a cold 5bettor's pocket Aces. I had logic and reasoning at the time for why I made the play, and listened to my gut, but thinking back on it I really don't like it. After that hand I got my last 8bbs in AA vs AsQx and the board ran out with four spades and I lost. Unfortunate to lose that hand but the turning point was my big bluff. It's frustrating and disappointing to get that close to another big tournament victory and make a mistake to lose. Instead of beating myself up too much, I went to Berlin to play the EPT Main Event.

I had roughly 40bbs with two hours left in the night and got all in AK vs 88 for an 80bb pot. I would of had 50k at 300/600 had I won the race, but I ended up losing the coinflip to be eliminated from the EPT Main Event. No big deal. What did I decide to do after that? Well I hopped on the first flight to South Florida to redeem myself and play the $10k WPT Main Event at the Hard Rock.

There are currently around 100 players left from the 290 that started the tournament. I believe average stack is 80k and I finished Day 2 with 28k. It was a brutal day where some of the amateur players at the table kept getting the best of me. I'm glad I was able to survive and I am hoping I can play my 25bb stack to perfection and make another run at a WPT title. The blinds will be 600/1200 today to start Day 3. I will do my best. Wanted to give a little update in case anything exciting happens in this WPT. Here's hoping to making Day 4 and another shot at a WPT title.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 4 WPT Vienna...

I survived another day in the WPT Vienna Main Event. We started Day 3 with 67 players and after 5 levels of play (90 minutes each level) we are now down to the final 21 players. I am currently 5th in chips. Once 18 players remain we will redraw seats and play down to the final table of 6 players. There are a lot of good players left in the tournament and a few I still haven't played with. I will give it my best shot, like usual.

I see every mention I receive on Twitter (where you can follow my updates @TristanCre8ive) and know I have a bunch of people cheering me on. I can't say thank you enough. It really is amazing to see how many people are rooting for me when I go deep in a big poker tournament. Thank you again. I have the most unbelievable friends and support system. I'm in the zone, let's continue the ride...

(The Weeknd ft. Drake - The Zone)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 3 WPT Vienna...

I've made Day 3 of the WPT Vienna Main Event. The internet in my hotel is awful and I haven't been able to access updates yet, but ironically blogging is working at the moment haha. Someone told me I am 3rd in chips with 64 players remaining. I finished the day with 395,500. Hopefully the internet is fixed in a short while and I will be able to research my table. I know there are a lot of really good tournaments players still left in the field.

I played a lot of fun and interesting hands yesterday. I was at the same table as the Day 1 chip leader and he was comparable to Jason Statham -- STRAIGHT ACTION! We battled in a few big pots and overall I think I got the best of him. He was a lot of fun to play against and definitely a challenging opponent. Our table broke with about an hour left in the day and I was moved to another tough table. I managed to chip up about 100k more in the last 45 minutes of the day, which was very nice.

I think this is only my second WPT event. The first was a $3500 in South Florida. I have still yet to play a $10k WPT in America, but no complaints about that haha, just stating a fact. I'll continue to play my best and have fun doing so. We are about 20 away from the money with first place winning over $400k USD. I appreciate all the support I've already received and thank you to everyone for any future encouragement. I'm taking it one day at a time, so here's to WPT Vienna Day 4...


Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hello Internet blogosphere. After months of silence I am back. This seems to be the status quo for me as of late. I continue to tell myself to update the blog with more than just poker ramblings or what’s been going on with me. I have much more interesting thoughts that cross my mind on a daily basis, but I rarely use the blog as an outlet for that.

The last few months have been a mixture of work and play. I last left off in Australia where I played a few poker tournaments. I visited my friend in Japan after that. Japan was an incredible country because it was very different, culturally, from what I am used to. It interests me to visit a place I know nothing about and take in what’s around me. I was in Japan for five days and went from Osaka to Fukouka to Tokyo.

During the middle of February I traveled to Seneca Niagara Casino on the US side of Niagara Falls. The DeepStacks Poker Tour was having our first televised tournament event there. We had a pretty good turnout for the Main Event attracting 217 entries. We started the tournament on a Friday, whereas a Saturday Day 1 or Friday/Saturday combo would have probably brought a bigger crowd. Maybe next time we will structure the tournament differently. Overall it was a big success. We filmed parts of the event leading up to the final table as well as the whole, 6 handed final table. It was our first time putting on a production like that and I was quite impressed. I’m excited to see how the next event we televise will go.

A few weeks ago I traveled to Denver to do my commentary and analysis of the final table with Joe Stapleton. He helped me get comfortable with doing voiceover work and also gave me a lot of knowledge on the whole process of putting poker on TV. The production teams, Blue Fusion and Sky Theory were also awesome. We have a great group of guys working on the show and I look forward to doing more with them. I’m learning a lot and getting to do something I never thought I would do. I will continue to educate myself and I’m sure everyone involved in the show is doing the same. It’s a stimulating experience and I’m glad I can be a part of it.

I’ve written a few articles for the Chicago Tribune company. One of the articles involves a hand from the DeepStacks Poker Tour final table. You can read about it here. I also recently wrote about a hand I played in the PCA $10k Main Event in the Bahamas earlier this year.

Two weekends ago I went to New Orleans with my father. Apparently my mother has a bucket list for my dad. Last year they went to the Masters Golf tournament and this year she sent my father and me to the NCAA Basketball Final Four. My dad’s team is Syracuse. They had a great chance to do well in the tournament until one of their starters was declared ineligible by the University. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see them play.

The atmosphere in New Orleans was incredible. Not only was the Superdome packed, harboring 73,000 plus people, but the whole downtown area of New Orleans was chaotic. Our first night there I met up with some friends who were also in town and we stayed out until 4am on Bourbon Street (my dad was involved in the partying as well haha.) We stayed in the middle of downtown so we walked everywhere. It started pouring the night of the Championship game. We were forced to get ponchos and we walked to the stadium along with tens of thousands of other people. I’ve never seen a city shut down over the weekend like New Orleans was. It was a great sporting experience and something I'm glad I was able to share with my dad.

The first leg of my trip to Europe started in Dublin, Ireland. I played the Irish Poker Open and busted late on Day 1. I also played the 1k side event and busted on the last hand of the night in 20th place, with 11 making the money. I had a great time in Dublin. I met some great people, got to see different parts of the city, and overall had a fun time. There was only one bad experience while I was there.

On my last night there me, Adam Levy, Steve O'Dwyer, and Jordan Lewis (all internet poker players as well) went into a restaurant called 777. I called ahead and spoke to the lady working, told her there were four of us and we'd be there in 15 minutes. She said no problem. We show up, she greets us, and tells us our table will be ready in a minute. A few seconds later a guy walks up and tells us that they are full and we can't eat there. We explain the situation that we called ahead, and the waitress already told us she was getting a table. He tells us there are no tables available (there were 2 empty) and that we never called. I felt like I was dealing with an ex-girlfriend and showed him my phone to verify that I did call haha. He ignored that and said the kitchen is closing in 40 MINUTES and we can't eat here. Steve and I continue to argue with the guy, but we tried to keep it civil. This guy ended up being the manager and basically refused to let us eat there for whatever reason. The waitress comes back after he whispers something in her ear and tells us we can't bring our own alcohol inside. Steve had an almost empty bottle of water with him. She tells us she can't do anything, he is the manager, and she's sorry. I don't know why the manager acted like that. It was definitely a frustrating situation. If that's the worst thing that happened to me in Ireland than I must say it was a damn good trip haha.

I arrived in Vienna, Austria two days ago. I played Day 1B of WPT Vienna and finished the day 8th in chips with 179 players left. The top 45 players make the money. We are only playing 5 levels today, which is a good thing, but I have Elky, Fabrice Soulier and the huge chip leader (4 to my left) at my table. Hopefully I can continue to play well and have things go my way. Dublin was a good warmup and I'm ready to make some runs while I'm in Europe.

Once I am finished in Vienna I am heading to Berlin to play the EPT events there. After that tournament series I will head back to America. I am teaching a course at Parx Casino on April 28th with Matt Glantz and a couple other DS guys for DeepStacks. You can find some information about the camp here.

That's all for now, I'm glad I got a little update in. The internet hasn't been great while traveling around Europe. Maybe I can have a little success on this trip and have exciting news and updates for the blog in the days/week to come. Thanks for reading.