Friday, April 20, 2012

12th Place/EPT Berlin/Day 3 WPT Hard Rock...

I ended up busting in 12th place at WPT Vienna. I made a Cre8ive play where I cold 4bet and 6bet shoved 97cc into a cold 5bettor's pocket Aces. I had logic and reasoning at the time for why I made the play, and listened to my gut, but thinking back on it I really don't like it. After that hand I got my last 8bbs in AA vs AsQx and the board ran out with four spades and I lost. Unfortunate to lose that hand but the turning point was my big bluff. It's frustrating and disappointing to get that close to another big tournament victory and make a mistake to lose. Instead of beating myself up too much, I went to Berlin to play the EPT Main Event.

I had roughly 40bbs with two hours left in the night and got all in AK vs 88 for an 80bb pot. I would of had 50k at 300/600 had I won the race, but I ended up losing the coinflip to be eliminated from the EPT Main Event. No big deal. What did I decide to do after that? Well I hopped on the first flight to South Florida to redeem myself and play the $10k WPT Main Event at the Hard Rock.

There are currently around 100 players left from the 290 that started the tournament. I believe average stack is 80k and I finished Day 2 with 28k. It was a brutal day where some of the amateur players at the table kept getting the best of me. I'm glad I was able to survive and I am hoping I can play my 25bb stack to perfection and make another run at a WPT title. The blinds will be 600/1200 today to start Day 3. I will do my best. Wanted to give a little update in case anything exciting happens in this WPT. Here's hoping to making Day 4 and another shot at a WPT title.


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