Sunday, May 3, 2015


 I've been absent from blogging for a LONG time now. I plan on giving an explanation, soon. This post won't have much information. The purpose for me writing this is to throw something on my page, and say that more will be coming soon, which I already said. Maybe I'm a little rusty with this! Haa.. I love writing, but lately my efforts and energy have been directed towards other aspects of my life. I miss writing and expressing my thoughts through keystrokes. Anyways, enough rambling.

 Welcome to my blog. It has been around for seven years. Wow. Go through my archives and you will see a plethora of posts about poker, life, music, and other random stuff. Until then, more content coming soon. I'm active on a couple social media channels. If you want immediate details or updates, check those out. I have Day 2 of a tournament tomorrow. I need to get some rest. Thanks for checking in.